Educational Philosophy




Educational Philosophy

I believe in educating the whole child. In order to truly get the best from your students, you must know them and allow their passions outside of the classroom connect to the content you teach inside of it. The school community is alive and presents different challenges each day. Just as a human being grows, so does a learning community. In order to provide the best possible learning environment, I have employed a few tricks of the trade. Throughout everything I do I preach and practice accountability, adaptability, and soundness of character.

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Professional Development

I have been using the Google Apps for Education for many years. I created to transition teachers from a paper driven classroom to a digital environment. I am a firm believer that the technology does not replace the teacher, but without the technology, you may lose the interest of the learner. Technology changes rapidly. By partnering with Google, I ensure my practice stays up to date with the newest trends.


Community Outreach

Many things are happening every day in our schools. Smore is a helpful tool to create digital newsletters which can then be disseminated to the community at large. I have used this tool on several occasions to highlight the best practices of my students and colleagues. 

Multi Media Course Offering Book

People are grabbed by media. In Parsippany, we went around to every class offered at the high school level and created a short video highlighting what that course was about and placed each course offering into a living document. Families could then ingest the content in a 21st century fashion. Every red link is a live video.