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On the run...

On the run...


Jeff Coviello

I am an educator. I am a media producer. Every day I have the chance to teach students how to tell a story with words and images. Every day is a good day.

As an educator, I strive to provide students with tools to succeed and an environment where expectations are clear.  I seek to put people in the best possible situation to succeed.  I am interested in leading by example.  I would not ask anyone to work harder than I am willing to work myself.

I have written curricula in several districts for Television Production courses, a video production course, and a Imagineering course. As an educator, I consistently strive to employ new technology in the classroom.  Through my own experimentation, I have found many technology practices to be successful.  I have led professional development to inform and empower my colleagues to transform their classrooms into vibrant 21st century learning spaces.  These experiences resulted in student and faculty growth and have validated my decision to journey towards educational leadership.

As a content creator, I am keenly aware of target audience. I firmly believe that there is always a story to tell. Employing the moving image to tell said story is the best way. Here you will find examples of my own digital storytelling. I have worked within the world of Education, Travel & Tourism, and outdoor sports.

My wife Erica and I are avid runners.  We run at least 2 half marathons per year and are on a quest to run in every state in the USA.   We live in NJ with our puggle, Brady & our Daughter, Georgie.





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